Helping You Overcome Dental Fear

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At Dental Care of Stamford we understand that many people are anxious about going to the dentist and some people are extremely fearful – Often avoiding dental visits altogether. But no matter what level of stress you feel we can help!

Fear of the dentist is almost always related to past experiences and not your fault. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but it is a challenge to overcome now because avoiding care can ruin your dental health.

We’ve spent more than 30 years helping people get past their fears, achieve dental health, comfort and the appearance they want.

Give yourself, and us, a chance – Tell us how you feel and what your concerns are and together, we will find solutions that help you overcome your fears so that you can have the healthy, beautiful smile that you want.

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Solutions for Easing Dental Fear

Mildly Anxious

Creating a relaxing environment by focusing on your comfort is our top priority.

We love taking care of people and it shows! Our caring and gentle staff will listen to your needs and concerns and our doctors take their time to make sure you are comfortable and informed every step of the way. We offer TV’s and music, blankets if you are chilly, paraffin hand treatments and a multitude of other amenities to make your visit as convenient and relaxing as possible.

Moderately Anxious

Techniques like desensitization and mild medicines like nitrous oxide can make your visit easy.

For a medicine-free approach desensitization can help you let go of the fear. This highly effective technique is done at the office, requires no extra appointments and doesn’t cost anything! We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax. This is a medicated air you breathe while you are awake to give you a detached floating experience that quickly wears off.

Extremely Fearful

Sedation dentistry offers you a stress-free way to have the dental care you need.

If you experience an extremely high level of fear at even the thought of going to the dentist, you are not alone. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry which uses medicine to help you stay relaxed and comfortable. The most common thing our patients tell us after experiencing sedation dentistry is, “If I knew it was going to be this easy, I would have done it years ago”.


I came here absolutely petrified – Literally shaking in my chair. Everybody here really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and confident that they were not going to let anything bad happen to me. I had the sedation dentistry work done and it was a complete success. I didn’t remember feeling anything and my recovery was minimal – I was up and at-’em by the next day. And now when I come here I don’t need the sedation. I feel comfortable enough to let Dr. Simon do what he needs to do.

LisaOvercoming Dental Fear

I had some pretty crummy dental experiences when I was younger. As a physician I knew the importance of dental care, but I really ignored my teeth. I got a few flyers from Dental Care of Stamford and thought well maybe I’ll just call. I had such a pleasant experience from my first contact with them. I was quite nervous and asked for sedation dentistry. I don’t even remember the experience so it was great! I’ve come back since then and I really recommend Dental Care of Stamford to my patients, friends, family and anyone else.

JennOvercoming Dental Fear

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