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Cavities & Filllings
Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

A Close Up Look At Cavities: What Your Dentist Sees


Cavity Example 1: Tiny Pit and Fissure Cavities

These are the most common cavities of the “Pepsi Generation” who grew up with fluoride in the water and Crest toothpaste


Very small area of decay, hardly visible


After the cavity was opened, the decay is evident

After laser-bonded filling


Cavity Example 2:  Small Cavities and a Leaky Old Filling

“Beware of the hidden decay down below,  for before you know, it will grow!”


Small area of decay under old filling


Filling removed showing decay underneath is very evident now


After laser-bonded filling


Cavity Example 3: A Medium Sized Cavity

The dentist’s dilemma: should it be filled, onlayed or crowned to preserve its strength?


Leaking old silver filling


Medium-sized filling out.  Notice the decay present.


Medium-sized cavity fixed with laser-bonded restoration


Cavity Example 4: Large Cavity Under an Old Filling

No doubt about what’s best for these large problem cavities.


Large, old, leaking, silver filling TOO big for a filling. Needs an onlay.


Filling out, decay evident.


After laser-bonded porcelain onlay


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