Helping You To Overcome Your Dental Fears

Going to the Dentist Can Be Comfortable!

Dental Care of Stamford IS the place for fearful patients because we get it! Many of our dentists were fearful, most of our team was fearful and we know that a lot our patients are fearful when they first come in so we are here to help, not criticize or lecture.

Whether you’re mildly anxious or a dental phobic we can get you past all that so that you can achieve what you want in a way that is comfortable for you.  Like the famous hamburger restaurant, we will do it your way!

If you want the best in terms of comfort, as well as an extraordinary level of dental care, please come and visit us. One visit in our office will let you know that Dental Care of Stamford is completely unlike any dental office you have ever been too.

Why Dental Care of Stamford?

Dental Care of Stamford has been creating beautiful healthy smiles in the communities of Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY for over 40 years!

We constantly strive to deliver extraordinary quality, comfort and convenience.

  • General dentists and specialists all in one location
  • Amazing office hours: Mon-Sun from 7am – 8pm
  • Leading-edge dental comfort for you
  • A wide variety of solutions to help anxious and fearful patients
  • State-of-the-art procedures, instruments and techniques
  • A focus on patient education to help prevent dental problems in the future
  • Ecologically sound dentistry
  • And much more!