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Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

How To Prevent Broken Teeth


Severe Trauma

Teeth break because of severe trauma, such as caused by a blow to the face, an accident or other traumatic injury. We recommend that anyone who participates in sports where contact can occur, such as football, soccer, basketball, karate and martial arts, etc., be fitted with a professional mouthguard.


Decay destroys a lot of tooth structure and the weakened tooth can eventually break due to insufficient strength for even normal chewing. That is why it is very important to repair a tooth with a method and material that is strong enough to resist fracture. We recommend professional examinations at least twice a year to discover cavities that may occur under old fillings or under the gum line. In addition, dental x-rays must be taken once a year to discover cavities in between the teeth that would not otherwise be visible. The best way to avoid major cavities that seriously weaken teeth is to catch them while they are still small.

Tooth Clenching & Grinding

Many teeth break due to excessive forces of tooth clenching and grinding. Tooth clenching and grinding can subject teeth to forces of up to 500 pounds per square inch. That causes a tremendous amount of damage to the teeth. And the biggest problem is that 90% of people who do damage to their teeth by clenching or grinding them are completely unaware of it.

Now that you understand why teeth tend to break, you will be in a much better position to analyze your own situation and take appropriate preventive measures.

* Please note that we cannot guarantee that the solutions offered here are definitely applicable to your condition since we have not examined your mouth. However, if you know the solutions that are generally applied to dental problems, you will be  much better informed  and will likely make better decisions in your own dental health care.


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